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    ''Can you go years without talking to another human being? What about untold months snatching your meals from the forest floor and sleeping in muddy pits? Sanity is a spider clinging to a fluttering thread of web unaware of the fingers reaching for it, catching it, plopping it in my mouth''

    ''In the scope of the Universe, we are but a single breath. To say we're insignificant is to give us too much credit. But when the Universe chooses you to be part of its plan, you'd better hold on and take what you can get because your ride will surely be over before you know it!''

    ''Why can't everyone see the inherent goodness in destruction? Or the evil in creation? A forest cannot live without the nutrients provided by the destructive force of a forest fire. And if I am wrong, then why is lifeblood of creation - water - the most destructive force on the planet?''

    ''Knowledge! To know the Universe is to transcend it. Destruction, creation, good, and evil; the grand scheme of things they are just the masks we use to understand that which we cannot grasp. Well, here is my hand. Show me your secrets. I am not afraid!''

    ''A worm knows one thing with complete faith. Eat to live. Whether it's moldy dirt or rotten flesh, that worm digs and eats, eats and digs to fulfill its one truth. Eat to live.

    But I hold one now in my Undead fingers. It squirms, fighting to free itself. What is it thinking? When I pop it in my mouth and chew its pink flesh, does it realize that you should NEVER place all your faith in one ideal?''

    ''I have struggled to understand a Universe that allows the destruction of an entire planet. Which will win this endless conflict - destruction or creation? The only thing I know for certain is never to place your faith entirely on one side. Play the middle if you want to survive.

    Everyone else is a fanatic.

    I am Half-Dead. Your savior.''
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  • Autor: Rafdab Zgłoś Dodany: 20.06.2017, 20:56

dziękuję za czytanie i pozdrawiam :))))

Dziękuje za czytanie

  • Autor: mac790 Zgłoś Dodany: 30.08.2016, 06:32

a raz się czasem wzruszę...

  • Autor: Szuiram Zgłoś Dodany: 25.08.2016, 06:44

Nie czytaj mnie...codziennie piję słowa!

będę się do końca życia śmiał
najbardziej przed lustrem...

  • Autor: Szuiram Zgłoś Dodany: 18.07.2016, 13:12

dzięki za czytanie :3

wersja optymistyczna
pół-żywy :)

wow, pół-martwy

  • Autor: Regis Zgłoś Dodany: 01.10.2014, 10:37

a co jeśli wole nie być czytany
bo zrzucam z siebie tylko w otchłań?

na początek rada: chcesz być czytany, nie wrzucaj wszystkich wierszy hurtem
pozdrawiam cieplutko
stawiam Ci 5 na zachętę

  • Autor: Magga Zgłoś Dodany: 30.09.2014, 13:14

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