master in chains

close your eyes right now and tell me what you see
unreadable voices right behind your ears
get up now, gird up your loins
to say those diaphanous words

the howl in the wilderness sounds good for me
do you even know where you happen to be?
shepherd cagily looks up here
points his crook at you in fear

ready to wade in and kill, you're waiting though
fangs and dewclaws. back then - kindred, but now - foes
they devour to survive and go
not like you, why did you fall?

somehow you seem all dismayed, but not for long
unadvisedly stand up and speak, but you're wrong
hovering right above you, not too high
i rise my hands up to moons, peaceful friends of mine
put him to sleep, ease his pain.
sleep to death, master in chains
who are you to look at me?
those words were lies. now fall asleep.

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